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Safer Motherhood

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Aortic Compression

for emergency use in appropriate cases of postpartum hemorrhage

Please note that this film is designed to support prior training and instruction. It should NOT, therefore, be used as a primary source of guidance, except in genuine emergencies.

For further information please refer to The Birth Assistant’s Leaflet and, where appropriate, to the Textbook of Postpartum Hemorrhage (both of which are also provided in this Safer Motherhood Section).

N. B. This film is an extract from a program originally prepared, with the support of UNICEF, for training healthcare workers in Bhutan. The Global Library of Women's Medicine would like to thank UNICEF for their kind permission to use this film for wider dissemination and wish to acknowledge the expert input of Dr Duphto Wangmo, together with Dr Steffan Bergstrom and Dr Jerker Liljestrand who were instrumental in its origination.