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Contributing Authors

A note on authorship

Most of the chapters listed in the main contents on this site were originally published in the 6-volume textbook, Obstetrics and Gynecology, edited by Professor John Sciarra. Since the last time this work was published, in 2004 in CD-ROM format, most of the chapters have been revised and updated specifically for the Global Library of Women’s Medicine – and the date of such revisions is shown at the top of each chapter. Those chapters that have not yet been revised are currently undergoing revision and the date when the revision is expected to be available is shown at the top of such chapters.

At the start of each revised chapter in The Global Library of Women’s Medicine the first author shown is the main revising author. If the chapter was extensively revised then he/she may be the only author featured – on other occasions some or all of the original authors are also listed, depending on a variety of circumstances. List A below shows all the authors featured on the current chapter opening pages. List B below shows all the original authors featured in the last edition, with their affiliation at that time.

List A: Authors currently featured

List B: Authors originally featured

A Guide to Authors' Affiliations