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Extraperitoneal Caesarean Section

This surgical procedure is demonstrated by Dr Dipak A. Desai, MD of Virar Maternity and Nursing Home, Virar, Thane, Maharashtra, India. The Global Library of Women's Medicine would like to thank Dr Desai for making this expertly produced DVD presentation available.

To provide the context in which this film is presented our specialist reviewer writes:

"Extraperitoneal caesarean section is a technique developed to reduce and minimize infectious complications associated with caesarean section. In the days before antibiotics, and even before third and fourth generation antibiotics and multiple antibiotic regimens, any procedure was attractive that could/would prevent peritoneal contamination when uterine infection and chorioamnionitis was present. Extraperitoneal caesarean has often been thought to be technically difficult, but the movie that follows suggests that this is not the case when one develops experience. Failures may still occur, but the frequency of peritoneal contamination is unknown.

With current antibiotic regimens, the true potential contribution from the extraperitoneal operation is unknown. It is unlikely that a clinical trial would or could be mounted with adequate power to give strong evidence for practice. However, it is possible that in some situations the operation might be indicated for example, with abdominal sepsis from appendicitis to prevent uterine infection or where antibiotics are not available. The technique is well demonstrated in this narrated video."

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