Page last updated April 2020

This is a FREE resource designed to support the medical profession in their care of women made possible by over 750 expert clinicians who are generously providing their contributions without any remuneration and by the publishers who have paid personally for the creation of this site in the memory of their daughter, Abigail.


An important feature of the GLOWM site is that it provides an opportunity for medical professionals to share knowledge with their colleagues worldwide. But please note that you must be professionally involved in women's health and must first complete the optional registration (free of charge) to be able to do so. All contributions are subject to full editorial review prior to acceptance.

There are 4 options for contributing to GLOWM.

  1. Text Commentary (To submit a text commentary, please click here)

    You can add to the existing text by making a factual comment at a specific point in the text, which provides additional useful knowledge for readers. To make a comment you must have (and document), firstly, a specialist qualification relevant to the general subject matter and, secondly, specific clinical experience related to the topic under discussion.

    Commentaries, when submitted, will be subject to careful peer-review and only those that are deemed to contribute significantly will be selected. Once selected a link will appear below the relevant paragraph of existing text and when this link is clicked, your commentary will appear. [Click here for an example of a commentary]

  2. Video Clips (To submit a video proposal, please click here)

    If you have a short video clip (maximum 5 minutes) that you think adds a new and worthwhile perspective you may make a written proposal on the form provided. If accepted, you will be invited to submit your video (in a prescribed format) to the Editors for review.

    Video clips that are then approved will be added to the site.

  3. Illustrative Material (To submit a medical image, please click here)

    If you have a photograph(s) or other clinical image(s) that provides genuinely new and worthwhile insights you may submit them to the Editors for review. If approved, your images will be added to the Atlas section, with an appropriate acknowledgement.

    N.B. All images should take into account cultural and ethical sensitivities, must have patient consent and must NOT permit any kind of patient recognition (special care must be taken in cases of pediatric material).

  4. Correspondence (To submit a letter, please click here)

    If you wish to submit a letter on medical issues please refer to the 'Views' page. A strictly limited number of selected letters will be accepted for featuring on this site.