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This is a FREE resource designed to support the medical profession in their care of women – made possible by over 750 expert clinicians who are generously providing their contributions without any remuneration and by the publishers who have paid personally for the creation of this site in the memory of their daughter, Abigail.

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The Global Library of Women's Medicine is published on a not-for-profit basis by The Foundation for The Global Library of Women’s Medicine, under licence from Sapiens Global Library Limited. The Publishers (Paula and David Bloomer) originated, developed and implemented this concept and this site entirely at their own expense as a contribution to women’s medicine and in memory of their daughter, Abigail

The website has been developed from the highly-acclaimed, six-volume, encyclopedic textbook Gynecology & Obstetrics, that was first published in 1934 and that has been edited for the last 30 years by Professor John J. Sciarra. It is totally due to Professor Sciarra's devoted efforts and unrivalled clinical experience that it has been possible to develop The Global Library of Women's Medicine – and the Publishers wish to express their deep appreciation of his wise guidance and unique editorial skills. It is largely thanks to his exceptional input that so many of the 442 principal chapters featured on the site have been revised and updated – whilst revisions of the remaining chapters are currently in hand and additional chapters have been commissioned. In addition, a range of other new features have been included and the whole site has been made interactive in order to enhance the opportunities for sharing knowledge throughout the medical community.

An essential feature of this site is that all elements within it can be updated at any time, so that whenever significant new developments take place they should almost immediately be reflected in updates in the text. The site is also designed to be entirely flexible so that new chapters and other contributions can be seamlessly added whenever appropriate.

A second essential feature of the site is that nothing should appear on it unless is has been peer-reviewed. Because the site does not publish original research the peer-review process undertaken is not as detailed as that undertaken by good research journals. Nevertheless everything that appears on the site, regardless of the expertise of the author, must have been reviewed by at least one other medical specialist. Every effort is made to try to ensure the continued quality and currency of the materials provided.

The Editor-in-Chief, Professor Sciarra, the deputy Editor-in-Chief, the Executive Editors and the members of the Editorial Board have all generously contributed their time and effort without any remuneration. All the authors have also kindly agreed to update their chapters or write new ones without any financial compensation. The Publishers are deeply grateful to all the Editors and Authors for their selfless and generous support which has made this new initiative in medical education possible.

The Global Library of Women’s Medicine is designed to be a constantly evolving resource reflecting the very best of current medical opinion. Because of its origins the majority of the initial contributors come from North America and, whilst North American expertise will always remain a very important element of this program, over time it is hoped to extend the number of contributions from leading medical scientists from all other parts of the world – and this is reflected in the composition of the Editorial Board.

In keeping with the ethos of modern internet communication, the site is being made freely available for all to use. However, it is specifically designed to support the work of physicians and other medical professionals concerned with women’s healthcare around the world.

The Global Library of Women’s Medicine also has a specific focus on providing practical information that will contribute to Safer Motherhood and relevant material, much of it specifically designed for less-resourced countries, is continuously being developed and added to the site in a manner consistent with our ethos of best-practice and peer-review.

The Publishers require that all contributions to the site should be free of copyright restrictions (or accompanied by appropriate specific permissions), should have patient consent wherever appropriate and should not breach patient privacy or medical ethics. Special care is also given to any material relating to minors. In addition, particular attention is given to trying to avoid offence on ethnic or religious grounds, but it is recognised that this may not always be easy to achieve because of the sensitive and anatomical nature of some of the material being studied and because of the global availability of the site.


A committee of experts has been appointed to advise the editors and publishers on any matters that may raise significant issues related to ethical or quasi-ethical considerations(see Ethics Committee).


There is no advertising on this site.

Copyright © Sapiens Publishing Ltd 2013

All the material on this site is the copyright of Sapiens Global Library Limited (the Publishers). However, the Publishers have no wish to limit its proper use for non-commercial, educational purposes so, where possible and appropriate, permission to re-use parts of it for such purposes will normally be given free of charge on application to the Publishers.


The Publisher’s are committed to preserving the confidentiality of any personal details that are provided to us on registration. These details will not be passed on or sold to third parties and will only be used by the publishers to validate registration and to provide general statistical information. Any information supplied to us will be stored securely either in our own databases or in those of our technical partners.

It is the policy of the Publishers that the e-mail addresses of those who register or donate will not be passed or sold to any other organisation.

Alerts will be sent to registered users about topics that were selected in the registration application – unless the option not to receive this service was selected. (When selecting this option users agree to the transfer of their email data to the processing organisation that we have chosen to store it for the sole purpose of sending email alerts to users and for no other purpose.)

We have chosen to use the secure services of PayPal as a payment processing service for donations. We do not store or have access to credit card or bank details nor do we share related customer details with any third parties. Donor’s names will be added to the List of Donors on the site unless the ‘anonymous’ option is specifically selected, and email addresses will be used solely for the purpose of thanking donors for their much-appreciated and generous support.


The Foundation for The Global Library of Women’s Medicine

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Directors: David G.T. Bloomer
Paula F. Bloomer
Julia C. Tissington

Administrative Editors: Martin Lister
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Editorial Co-ordinator:Karen Kennedy

Program Technical Director: Simon Mather

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