Page last updated June 2020

This is a FREE resource designed to support the medical profession in their care of women – made possible by over 750 expert clinicians who are generously providing their contributions without any remuneration and by the publishers who have paid personally for the creation of this site in the memory of their daughter, Abigail.

Safer Motherhood

Section Editors

Dr Louis G. Keith, Northwestern University Chicago, USA; Professor Lesley Regan, Imperial College London, UK; Dr Mahantesh Karoshi, St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust, London, UK

This Section is devoted to providing practical clinical guidance about a wide range of features related to Safer Motherhood. The section is the focus of special current attention and considerable new material will be added throughout 2010.

In particular, it is hoped that, as a unique initiative, a range of learning modules to assist those caring for mothers in childbirth will be added in the form of smart phone Applications, which may be freely downloaded to provide healthcare professionals with practical support at any time and in any place. Further news of this program will be announced shortly.